Design your own custom wooden panel

Please feel free to add, and change any part of the design. Happy Designing!

1. Choose a suitable panel size.
3. Upload your own picture or design and paste it.
4. Complete the shirt design with an individual text.

Made from: Natural Pine wood 6mm thick

Width (cm) Height (cm) Width (inch) Height (inch)
Vertical 28 56 11 22
Horizontal 56 25 22 11
Square S 28 28 11 11
Square L
56 56 22 22

DISPATCH TIME: 3 working days
FREE DELIVERY (2-3 working days)

    Things to check for:

    Text size is legible and colour stands out against background
    Nothing is overlapping or too close to the margins
    Information is accurate and spelled correctly
    Images are clear and don't appear blurry

£24.99 ex. VAT

Wood Photo Panels

Provide a natural backdrop for your stories!

These wonderful wood panels provide the perfect background for your favourite prints. They are long-lasting, durable and extremely tactile, making them an ideal gift or a unique way to showcase your adventures.


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